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      The CBD industry can be a bit misleading. From artificial ingredients to false claims on the label, it’s easy to purchase inferior CBD products. At Hempful Blends, we believe in being the change we wish to see in the world. This mindset is what carries us from start to finish through our distribution of full spectrum CBD oil.

      Our process follows the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) protocol. Whether it’s the hemp farmers who cultivate the plants or the manufacturers of our full spectrum oil, we make sure everyone we partner with adheres to the same standards we uphold. Here is our 9-step process for creating the purest CBD oil on the market.

      Step #1 - Organic Farming and Cultivation

      Each batch of Hempful Blends is formulated using certified organic hemp plants grown in nutrient-dense Colorado soil. The use of pesticides and growth accelerators can alter the potency of CBD products. Not to mention, treating agriculture with inorganic ingredients may be harmful to those using hemp in search of relief. Sounds counterproductive, right? By following such a regimented workflow, we can ensure that each product we distribute is of the same potency and consistency.

      Step #2 - Processing and Milling

      Hempful Blends CBD oil is made to order. This practice ensures the freshest product. The stress of harvesting a plant from its food source causes hemp to secrete excess moisture. Therefore, newly harvested hemp becomes susceptible to mold growth. That is why our freshly harvested plants are moved to a climate-controlled warehouse for drying.

      Our plants remain at the warehouse until they are ready to be processed. When an order is placed, the raw hemp is milled to form a coarse powder. The phytocannabinoid rich powder is then shipped to our manufacturing facility where we formulate full spectrum CBD products.

      Step #3 - Extraction

      For true full spectrum CBD products, you want to preserve as many of the flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids as possible. Studies suggest that in unison, all of these molecules enhance the overall experience. That is why our manufacturing facility goes above and beyond in conserving these precious compounds.

      Hempful Blends is one of the few CBD companies to use food-grade ethanol during their extraction process. Food-grade ethanol extraction is a safe practice that produces the highest quality oil.

      Step #4 - Pressing

      After maintaining the integrity of the hemp's cannabinoids, the oil is pressed. Pressing CBD oil is essential for removing wax, chlorophyll, and other solid plant matter from the final product. Solid plant matter may alter the color, flavor, and texture of CBD oil. Seeing as they offer little benefit to the potency of our products, we remove any traces of plant matter from the formula.

      Step #5 - Distillation

      The last step in creating pure full spectrum hemp oil is distillation. Phytocannabinoids are still integrated with the food-grade ethanol used during the extraction process. Our specialists take extra care in separating phytocannabinoid rich oil from food-grade ethanol. This crucial step allows us to formulate the purest CBD in the industry.  

      Step #6 - THC Removal

      What sets Hempful Blends apart from the rest is that our products are free of THC. THC is the primary cannabinoid in marijuana and is known to give the plants its psychoactive abilities.

      Legally, hemp has less than 0.3% THC. However, we go the extra mile and remove all traces of THC from our formula. Therefore, you still experience the entourage effect created by the other 112 phytocannabinoids in our CBD products. Also, our THC-free oil means you can travel to all 50 states without worrying about breaking any laws.

      Step #7 - In-House and Third-Party Testing

      It’s one thing to say you’re the purest full spectrum CBD oil on the market. It’s another to actually be it. We like to stay true to our word. That is why every batch that leaves our manufacturing facility it tested for purity.

      Our facility adheres to a strict in-house testing procedure. After a batch passes with flying colors, our manufacturers draw up a Certificate of Analysis and a Certificate of Quality Assurance. In honor of full transparency, we proudly display these certificates for each formula.

      To further promote an honest culture, our manufacturing facility is visited each by month a third-party lab. These unbiased parties check the validity of our certificates. We are proud to announce that Hempful Blends has 100% compliance!

      Step #8 - Cutting Edge Technology

      It’s hard to change the CBD game so early into it, and yet Hempful Blends has managed to do so already. Hempful Blends boasts the smallest CBD particles in the industry. The typical CBD particle in hemp-based products runs from 150 to 5000 nanometers. Amazingly, Hempful Blends CBD particles measure between 25 and 60 nanometers.

      Our nanoemulsion technology allows for effective absorption over a more extended period. Seeing as the particles are smaller, they cover more ground within the system. Plus, the body burns through the cannabinoids at a slower rate. Therefore, Hempful Blends is three times more bioavailable than other CBD products.

      Step #9- Delivery and Customer Service

      Once we formulate our full spectrum oil, it doesn’t just sit on a store shelf coldly. No. Our products are made to order and delivered promptly. Once you receive our products, our dedication has just begun.

      At Hemfpul Blends, we pride ourselves on our customer service. With us, you’re not just purchasing CBD products. You are investing in the future of wellness. We take that role very seriously. That is why you can contact us at any time with any questions, comments, and concerns.

      Are you ready to try the highest quality CBD products on the market? Check out our Hempful Blends Shop!