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      Family is everything. That’s why Hempful Blends is a family-owned business with one primary goal--to improve the lives of everyone in the gang. In the our household, we’ve seen firsthand how CBD can better the lives of those we love most, including our little ones. Now, it’s our passion to provide your family with the same comfort as well.  

      We’re sure we’re not alone when we say that we’d do anything for our kids. As parents with a child who struggles with ADHD, we’ve spent many sleepless nights trying to find relief for our loved one. Desperately, we searched for remedies that would support our childs focus and productivity. Yet, we were heartbroken when these “cures” dimmed the spark behind their curiosity and sense of adventure.   

      Almost defeated, we started to hear the success stories surrounding CBD. Like many others, we approached this topic with hesitation. We spent countless hours researching the usual like, “How does CBD help?” and “Will CBD get my kid high?” After two year’s worth of due diligence, a ton of experimenting, and a few too many tears, our family no longer heard about CBD success stories. Our family became the CBD success story.

      CBD has changed our family’s life for the better and Hempful Blends is our opportunity to pay-it-forward. We have firsthand experience in trying inferior CBD products and witnessed for ourselves the benefits of using high-quality hemp extract. Through trial-and-error, we discovered that finding the best CBD oil can be time-consuming and costly. It’s our mission to save your family the time, money, and stress by formulating a product that worked for our loved ones.

      Our Hempful Blends family partners with the best CBD manufacturer in the market, Folium Bioscience. Together, we formulate broad-spectrum hemp extract. All of our broad spectrum CBD products contain all the natural terpenes, amino acids, and cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Since we are a family business who believes hemp can support a healthy lifestyle at any age, all of our products are THC-free.  

      Welcome to the Hempful Blends community, from our family to yours.